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5 Senior Safety Tips for Assisted Living Residents

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5 Senior Safety Tips for Assisted Living Residents

Moving into an assisted living community is a great way to increase your safety as a senior. Here at Parkland Regency in Loveland, CO, our staff are committed to providing service that enhances your enjoyment of life as well as your security and safety. But you can also take steps in and around your assisted living apartment to stay safe.

1. Take Care with Floor Decor

Whether you're laying out a welcome mat or want to spruce up the color in your living space with a rug, choose floor decor that lays flat and doesn't slip to reduce the risks of trips and falls. In some cases, you may want to tack down rugs or use nonslip backings.

Even minus the decor, flooring can be dangerous when it's not kept in good repair. Always report any flooring issues in your assisted living apartment to staff so problems such as bunched carpeting or loose tiles can be fixed.

2. Leave Lights on Strategically

The number of times we get up at night unfortunately tends to increase with age, and a late-night trip to the bathroom or to get a drink can increase the risk of falling. Not only are you moving about when you might still be sleepy, but it's probably darker than normal in your rooms. Leaving a strategic lamp on or ensuring spaces are lit with night-lights are great ways to reduce the risk and make it easier to navigate your apartment in the wee hours.

3. Avoid Standing on Chairs or Stools Unnecessarily

Climbing on chairs, stools or even small ladders to reach areas you can't otherwise puts you at risk for a tumble or a turned ankle. One of the benefits of living in a community is that you don't have to take these types of risks at all — if you need help with something in your apartment, you can reach out to a taller neighbor or contact the staff to assist you. The Loveland, CO, staff are always willing and happy to be of service.

4. Clean Up Spills (or Report Them)

Spills are another common suspect in the cause of falls, so make sure you clean up any in your apartment as quickly as possible — you can also reach out to staff for assistance if you need it.

Spills or standing water around the community can also be dangerous — for you and others — so make sure to report spills on the ground to staff so someone can take care of them quickly.

5. Ask for Assistance in Reviewing and Managing Medication

Finally, not all safety issues have to do with slipping or falling. The things you take to keep you healthy can pose a danger if you lose track of medication or misunderstand new instructions. Medication management is one of the services offered here at Park Regency, and you can also ask for assistance with general medication questions whenever you need. If our staff can't answer those questions, they can help you reach out to your medical provider for more information, ensuring you stay safe as you take your medication.