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5 Things You Can Do to Brighten the Holidays for Others

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5 Things You Can Do to Brighten the Holidays for Others

While the holidays might be merry and bright for many people, some individuals do struggle during the season. From the basic winter blues to family anxieties, there are numerous reasons fellow residents at Park Regency in Loveland might feel less than stellar during the holidays. But there are some things you can do to brighten the season for everyone in the assisted living community — even those that might offer a "bah humbug" as they pass you in the hall.

Here are five things you can do to shine the reason for the season through all your interactions in November and December.

1. Remember That You Represent Christ

This is true all year. While Jesus doesn't need to you be His representative, He wants you to show His light to others as part of your continually growing relationship with him. And during a season that is about celebrating His birth, it's important to remember what's important and how to best show that love and light to those around you. That doesn't mean you have to preach the Gospel in your assisted living community hall, but it does mean taking a Christ-like approach to your interactions.

2. Smile

According to science, the simple act of smiling is actually good for you and those around you. First, when you smile, neural messages are sent to the part of your brain that helps regulate stress and increase good feelings. And when you're happier, it's easier to help other people feel more joy.

Smiling is also contagious. When you smile at others, they're more likely to smile at you. Finally, smiling frames the upcoming interaction for everyone involved — it clues them in that you're about to share a happy or friendly moment with them.

3. Use Your Manners

It sounds simple, and of course most of us do try to use good manners on a daily basis. But during the holiday bustle, it's easy to get distracted or busy and forgo taking the time to say please or thank you. Those little steps can help make everyone feel more appreciated this season.

And good manners do go beyond the basics. Taking a moment to stop and speak to someone in the hall and asking them how they are doing (and being genuinely interested in the answer) is also a great way to show you care this season.

4. Take the Time to Spend With Others

When possible, take those hallway conversations a step farther. Everyone is busy over the holidays, but not everyone has family to see or is able to travel to see their family. Whether you're the one unable to see family or your neighbor is, make time for other people in the assisted living community. Join in on activities or spend time visiting over hot beverages and Christmas music. Simply spending quality time with others can boost both your moods and help create a more enjoyable holiday.

5. Be Understanding When Someone Isn't as Joy-Filled as You

Finally, know that everyone at the Park Regency community isn't going to have the same reaction to the holiday. Residents have very different backgrounds and situations, so be understanding when someone isn't in the seasonable spirit. Invite and encourage others to participate, but never force them.