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5 Ways to Stay Cozy in Your Assisted Living Apartment

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5 Ways to Stay Cozy in Your Assisted Living Apartment

As the brisk Colorado autumn gives way to winter temperatures in the upcoming weeks, plan ahead to stay cozy and warm in your assisted living apartment. Gathering a few beloved items and adding some new comfort accessories to the mix ensures you can weather the season in style as you enjoy good books, warm beverages, television marathons and conversations with friends.

Here are four ways to keep toasty in your residence at Park Regency in Loveland.

1. Invest in Thermal Insulation Curtains

Energy-efficient curtains are constructed with fabric or an interior layer that keeps outdoor temperatures from invading your space. They're especially useful if you have large windows in any of your assisted living apartment’s rooms because they block drafts and cold from bringing the ambient temperature down. And in warmer months, they can keep the sunlight out when you want to block light, making them a great choice for someone with an east-facing window who also likes to sleep in.

2. Find the Perfect Pairs of Seasonal Socks

Extremities are often the first thing to get cold, especially when you suffer from any type of circulation disorder. Socks can be a great way to keep your feet cozy this winter. But before you splurge on lush fleece footwear, consider your other needs to ensure the socks will do a comprehensive job of protecting you.

You can reduce risks of falls by purchasing fluffy or thick socks that also have a gripping layer on the bottom. Those rubberized layers don't typically reduce comfort, but they do keep you from sliding across hard floor surfaces.

You might also want to consider compression or seamless socks, especially if you have diabetes. These socks keep your feet warm while promoting good circulation and avoiding pressure points that could be dangerous.

3. Position a Small, Safe Space Heater

If you're always cold, even when other people are warm, and you want just a bit of help staying toasty in your assisted living apartment, consider investing in a small space heater. If you need quick bursts of heat for short amounts of time, you might consider a ceramic fan-forced heater that doesn't get hot to the touch. Infrared heaters may also be a good option if you're warming a small space like a bathroom.

Consider talking to the assisted living staff about options and safety before outfitting your space with any type of heating device.

4. Drape Your Shoulders with the Right Sweater or Robe

It can be difficult to stay comfortable in the winter as you move from outdoor spaces to your assisted living apartment. You may also find that larger spaces, such as the dining room, are cool while your apartment remains cozy. If you dress in heavy clothing, you may be comfortable in one area but overheat in another. Instead, consider a favorite sweater or jacket, which you can put on or take off as you move around the community.

5. Sip Hot Herbal Tea as You Relax

Finally, stock up on your favorite herbal tea and pair it with an electric kettle that lets you have hot beverages in your apartment anytime you like. You might wake up to a mug of black breakfast tea, enjoy refreshing and warm peppermint tea throughout the holiday season or get into a bedtime mood with chamomile. Remember to consult with your doctor before drinking copious amounts of any new tea, as some herbal teas can interact with medications or cause side effects dangerous to some health conditions.