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The Importance of Accepting Help

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The Importance of Accepting Help

Accepting help can be difficult at any age and for a wide range of reasons. While a senior may struggle to allow a loved one to help out because of fears that they will lose their independence or be a burden, a caregiver may have an equally hard time letting someone else lend a hand because they feel as if they are somehow failing to provide adequate care.

Honest communication can be hard, especially with sensitive topics. However, it is a vital component to understanding what aid is needed and who is the right person to handle each task.

Many caregivers are shown by doctors or nurses how to help their loved ones manage their medications, complete exercises and safely navigate around their living space. When the tasks become too demanding of them physically or mentally, they may need to evaluate the situation and look into getting outside help, such as a maid service to tidy up the house or a home-health aide to administer medications or assist in bathing.

It's important for caregivers to remember not to base their self-worth or identities on their current role. While their caregiving duties are an important part of their lives, they are not the sum of their existence.

Caregivers who spend time with family and friends, pursue hobbies and take care of themselves physically are less prone to burnout. By letting trusted members of their family or caring professionals, such as those at Park Regency Loveland, assist in caring for an elderly loved one, caregivers can take the time they need to nurture their own minds and bodies.

This self-care helps prevent them from becoming sick from stress or overworking and refreshes their minds and spirits so it's easier for them maintain a positive outlook when they return to their loved one's side.

Seniors who find themselves struggling with a new medical issue or to complete a task need to let their caregivers and doctors know as soon as possible. Though it can be hard to admit limitations or fears, they can often help protect their independence and health by doing so.

For example, dizziness can be caused by many factors such as side-effects of medication or changes in blood pressure, which can be managed with a doctor's guidance, and weakened leg muscles can be improved through occupational therapy and exercise. By asking questions and addressing problems quickly, seniors can potentially prevent a dangerous fall that could lead to a hospital stay and long recovery period.

Memory is another area where seniors can greatly benefit by asking for help. Forgetfulness is often hard for seniors to admit due to pride or fear of a cognitive disease diagnosis, but its vital to get medical help in these instances.

Symptoms similar to dementia can sometimes be caused by dehydration or a vitamin deficiency, which are easy to remedy once discovered. Though it's natural to feel anxiety when the prognosis is something more severe, early detection of memory diseases allows doctors and family members to form a plan of action and treatment. This might include medications or beneficial therapies that involve art and music, which can help seniors to improve and maintain their memories and health.

Though accepting help may feel as if it is taking away independence or personal ability, in many cases the opposite is true and asking for aid can let seniors take charge of their health and ensure their caregivers can continue to offer their best care each day.

And in some cases, choosing to live in a vibrant environment such as the Park Regency Loveland assisted living community lets seniors get all the help they need while remaining independent and enjoying life to its fullest.

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